Cookie Policy

This website uses session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily and are deleted after closing the browser. Persistent cookies are saved after the session ends. Some cookies installed on our website are placed by our information, advertising, analytical partners, as well as remarketing partners (hereinafter referred to as "Partners"), who can combine cookies collected through our website with another information provided by you or collected from other websites. 

What are cookies?

 A cookie is a tiny file that contains text information and is saved by the web browser when you visit websites. This allows a website opened in a browser to save and determine your Internet activity and individual preferences. 

Some cookies installed on our website combined with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, may be used to identify you ("Cookie identifiers").

We do not use Cookie identifiers to determine your identity, however, since cookie identifiers can theoretically lead to your identification, we consider such data as personally identifiable information. 

Consent to the use of cookies 

Our website uses cookies based on your consent. You are not required to grant us permission to process cookies. 

You give your consent to the processing of cookies and take into account please note this Cookie Policy in the following cases: 

  • In the case of Cookie identifiers – by clicking on the "I agree" button on the cookie pop-up window. 
  • In the case of other cookies (i.e., those that cannot identify you) - just when using our website. 

By accepting this Policy, you voluntarily, clearly and clearly make it clear to us that you are informed and give your express consent to the collection and processing of your cookies by us and our Partners, as described in this Cookie Policy. 

Why we use cookies 

We use cookies installed on our website (as well as by our Partners) to analyze the use and traffic of the website and improve its performance. 

Our Partners may use cookies collected through our website for purposes beyond those for which we need cookies, for: 

Settings of your preferences when using other sites; 

Displaying the most relevant ads for you;

Estimates of the activity of advertising campaigns for types of activities, who use the services of Partners; 

Tracking your actions on websites. 

We do not use automatic decision-making when processing your Cookie identifiers. 

Processing time 

We must store your Cookie identifiers for no longer than this is required for the purposes of processing, i.e. until you opt out of our processing in accordance with the section "Consent to the use of cookies". 

Distribution of Cookie Identifiers 

You agree that we may distribute your Identifiers if the processing purposes mentioned in the section "Why we use cookies" require it: with companies that are in the same group of enterprises with us, or with companies that have a similar ownership structure or are under common management with us. 

Data transfer to third countries 

You agree that the categories of persons who can receive your Cookie identifiers according to the section " Distribution Cookie identifiers" may be located outside of your country and the European Economic Area. As a result, your Cookie identifiers may be transferred from your country and The European Economic Area to countries where data protection and privacy rules may differ from your country and provide a lower level of protection. 

Policy updates 

We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time. 

If we change this Cookie Policy, which will extend our rights to collect, process, use and store your Cookie Identifiers, such changes it should be applied to you only after you give your consent to these changes. All other changes must be applied to you after the publication of the new Cookie Policy on the website.