Cross-chain deposits and recovery policy

Sometimes wrong deposits transfers of electronic tokens to wallets intended for accepting and storing other cryptocurrencies occur in practice of exchange.

Usually, UNISTEX.COM does not restore and return wrong deposited cryptocurrencies to the users.If, due to an erroneous transfer, the User suffered serious losses, UNISTEX.COM can, at its sole discretion, decide to restore and return the electronic tokens to the User.

UNISTEX.COM does not return electronic tokens that are not listed and which are not supported by the platform.

Returning wrong deposited electronic tokens is a very dangerous and extremely time-consuming process. Not all such deposits are refundable, and the degree of complexity, risk and cost over time depends on type of cryptocurrency was mistakenly sent and to which address.

If User wishes to restore and return his electronic tokens, he should contact the UNISTEX.COM support service, indicating the following information: the email address to which the User’s Personal Account is attached; the name of the electronic token that was mistakenly deposited in a wallet intended for another cryptocurrency; the number of electronic tokens; txid, transaction screenshot.

If recovery and return of mistakenly deposited electronic tokens is possible, UNISTEX.COM may need to install or update the wallet software, export/import secret keys, etc.

Users should be aware of the difficulties described above in the process of cross-deposit refund. UNISTEX.COM makes best efforts and expects patience and understanding from the users. The process may take more than two months.

Recovery fee and refund is 10%.
For deposits with an erroneous memo / destination tag the recovery fee is 10%, but not less than $ 10.